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75: 2020 In A Nutshell

Dec 28, 2020 | Season 3


We're wrapping up season 3 with a recap of all of our incredible guests we had on our podcast, as well highlights from the top biohacking tips we discussed this year. If you missed any episodes, this is a great opportunity to figure out which episode to go back to and check out first!


1:20 Welcome to the show!

3:58 The most topical issue of the year

Ep 51 – COVID Susceptibility & The Quarantine 15 (Renee’s experience)

Ep 60 – Same Same, but Different (Ryan’s experience)

5:58 OURA Ring Study

9:11 Tracking & Testing Blood Sugar

Ep 58 – Optimizing Blood Sugar with Dr. Casey Means

Ep 61 – Q&A with Dr. Casey Means

12:11 STUDY: Personalized Nutrition based on Glycemic responses

14:01 Carnivore vs Vegan Diet research

15:35 Advice on going Plant-based

16:07 Alcohol as a Neurotoxin & Blood Sugar Disruptor

16:35 The lifestyle & health “cost” of drinking

Ep 57: Alcohol-Free Lifestyle with James Swanwick

19:53 Blue light-blocking “Swannies”

20:20 Dry Farm Wines vs Commercial wines

Ep 62: An Insider’s Look at the Wine Industry with Todd White

24:59 Testing for Genetic Variants

Ep 68: Self-Decoding Your Genetics with Joe Cohen

27:15 Hacking Ketones & Glucose

Ep 70: Find Your Mojo with Dorian Greenow

27:51 The problem with commercial agriculture

29:45 “Don’t go chasing ketones”

31:40 Ixcela Wellness Test for Gut Health

Ep 74: Testing the Microbiome with Erika Ebbel Angle

32:41 Why you need to work with a health practitioner 

33:05 Testing + Optimizing with Biofeedback

33:23 EEG Brain Mapping

24:39 Disassociating the brain from addiction 

Ep 56: Neurofeedback & Brain Health with Dr. Andrew Hill

36:05 Biohacking Your Bed & Sleep

Ep 71: EightSleep Mattress with Matteo Franceschetti

38:12 Optimizing thermoregulation with tech & push notifications

39:30 Heart Rate Variability

Ep 69: What Your Heart is Telling You with The BBs

40:15 The toxic air we breathe

Ep 52: Air Pollution & Immune Dangers with Eileen Durfee

41:43 How toxins affect us on the cellular level

43:45 The dangers of EMFs

45:28 Defender Shield products for self-protection

Ep 53: EMFs & Radiation with Daniel DeBaun

47:06 The power of RED LIGHT

Ep 66: Light Therapy Healing with Scott Kennedy

47:49 “Light therapy only does one thing, but it does it really well”

50:31 Interviewing fellow Health Practitioners

Ep 64: Beliefs & Biological Healing with Christine Dionese

Ep 54: Past, Present & Future of Biological Medicine with Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot

Ep 72: Women’s Biohacking Roundtable with Angela Foster

54:27 Teaching your kids about health & biohacking

54:53 Deuterium exposure & chronic disease

Ep 73: The Water Secret You Need to Know with Dr. Que Collins

55:47 Biohacking cancer for humans & animals

57:15 Optimizing sleep with nootropics & sleep hygiene

58:00 Honoring different sleep chronotypes

59:49 Signal vs Noise in the body

Ep 59: The Dirty Truth on Sleep Deprivation with Dr. Greg Kelly

1:00:27 Clean supplements & foods 

1:00:40 Crohn’s Disease & Post-Partum Depression

1:01:19 The synergistic of effects of plant superfoods

Ep 65: Clean, Toxin-Free Smoothies with Ingrid De La O

1:03:53 The powerful female entrepreneur

Ep 67: Gut Health & Probiotics with Kiley Anderson

1:06:14 A personal episode, just the two of us

Ep 63: Interviewing the Babes

1:06:42 Key takeaways from this season

1:08:28 Requesting episode topics

1:09:10 Biohacker Babes’ January Challenge

1:09:30 Thank you & Happy Holidays

1:10:25 Thanks for tuning in!


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