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77: Troubleshooting PMS & Acne

Jan 18, 2021 | Season 4


We’re continuing the discussion on hormones this week with a deeper dive into the topics of troubleshooting PMS & acne! You’ll learn why you should track your monthly cycle, what your symptoms may be signaling, a walkthrough of the different phases of your cycle, when you should be fasting or feasting, and our top biohacks for the common struggles with acne and PMS.



1:20 Welcome to show!

2:22 Today’s topics

5:16 If you’re on the pill…

6:32 The benefits of tracking our cycle

8:18 Fertility Awareness Method

9:16 Symptoms are not normal

10:00 Cycle Syncing

10:24 “Infradian Rhythm”

11:15 The Menstrual Phases

11:48 Follicular Phase

13:01 Fasting during menstruation

13:30 Training during menstruation

15:56 Second half of the Follicular Phase

16:45 When to schedule creative movement

17:55 How to eat in the Follicular Phase

18:24 Basal body temperature changes

21:10 Ovulation 101

22:29 The Luteal Phase

25:21 Seed Cycling

28:45 Troubleshooting Your Acne

30:52 Other causes for high testosterone

32:11 PCOS & Androgen-rebounding

32:51 Gut & Skin Health

34:30 Toxic beauty products

35:14 Anti-inflammatory diet

36:10 Some helpful supplements

36:47 Troubleshooting PMS

37:27 Estrogen Dominance

39:44 Dealing with Prostaglandins

42:11 Castor-Oil Benefits

45:57 Our Top Biohacks

46:08 Lab Testing options

47:30 Nutritional considerations

51:50 Thanks for tuning in!



Menstrual Cycle & Hormonal Changes

Menstrual Cycle Optimization with Feast/Famine Cycling

Documentary: TOXIC BEAUTY

Castor Oil Packs

Therasage Heating Pad

Designs for Health Supplements – Please contact us for specific questions

DUTCH Testing – Email for more info

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