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78: Less Anxiety and Better Sleep with Baloo

Jan 25, 2021 | Season 4


Elizabeth Grojean is the founder and CEO of Baloo Living, a sleep and wellness company here to support people in reconnecting mind and body for a deeper sense of peace through cool and breathable weighted blankets. She launched the company after taking a year-long sabbatical to Bali, where she was transformed by the opportunity to find stillness and connect with nature on the magical island. In this episode she shares how she got into the sleep industry, the science behind weighted blankets and her one piece of advice we should all take to heart in 2021.



1:20 Welcome to the show!

3:16 Elizabeth’s Bio

3:56 Welcome Elizabeth

4:45 Her journey into the sleep industry

5:42 Her addiction to productivity

8:10 Starting with e-commerce

9:43 Introducing the weighted blanket

12:26 Temperature control

13:36 How much does it weigh?

15:20 Research on Deep Pressure Touch

16:24 Swedish study on weighted blankets

17:11 Insomnia Severity Index

17:20 Anecdotal story

18:09 Heart Rate Variability connection

18:40 Lauren’s “dolphin” experience

20:39 Using safer materials & sustainability

23:37 The story behind the name Baloo

25:19 Sleep Stone Mask

27:51 Tone Therapy System speakers

29:55 Finding balance at home

32:25 How she starts her work day

33:36 Who should be using the blanket

35:55 One piece of advice

38:59 How you can find Elizabeth & Baloo

39:33 Thanks for tuning in!







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