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80: PCOS & Hormones with Sophie Shepherd

Feb 8, 2021 | Season 4


Sophie Shepherd, an expert on female hormones, shares everything you need to know about PCOS today! She is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and the founder of SHE Talks Health.

She helps women around the globe transform their menstrual and digestive health through a combination of root cause diagnostic testing, nutrition and lifestyle science so they can finally have straightforward answers to their most mystifying symptoms. Tune in to learn about the symptoms and root causes of PCOS, as well as her guidance to therapies and treatment options.



1:21 Welcome to the show!

3:25 Sophie Shepherd’s bio

4:15 Welcome Sophie!

6:28 Her healing journey

10:24 Supporting her clients

11:36 How she transitioned careers

11:58 Her Monsanto story!

13:13 Figuring out how to be a Health Coach

15:39 Intro to PCOS

17:18 Definition & diagnosis of PCOS

20:00 Polycystic ovaries vs PCOS

22:15 The struggle with diagnosing

24:51 The crossover with endometriosis diagnosis

25:47 What are the root causes?

26:27 The role of insulin resistance

27:40 DUTCH Hormone testing

29:36 Getting unstuck and finding the root cause

31:32 Flow chart for types of PCOS

33:25 Managing your stress bucket

36:40 The different pathways to PCOS

39:01 Supporting the Insulin pathway

40:07 Genetics & Epigenetics

41:08 Adrenals, HPA axis dysfunction & stress

42:20 Ketogenic diet for PCOS

44:27 Circadian rhythm & melatonin

45:16 Treating individual clients

46:28 How to talk with your Doctor

49:02 Recapping symptoms of PCOS

51:40 Her one piece of advice

53:00 Thank you for joining us today!



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Flow chart for types of PCOS

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