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81: Ancestral Health with Holistic Hilda

Feb 15, 2021 | Season 4


Hilda Labrada Gore, aka “Holistic Hilda”, shares the ancient wisdom she has learned by traveling the world and visiting indigenous cultures. The work of Dr. Weston A. Price inspired her to learn more about ancestral health and the importance of a strong community and the practice of deep listening. Tune in to learn her tips on determining the best diet, her version of “catching cold”, and the power of positive thoughts.



1:20 Welcome to the show!

2:48 Hilda’s Bio

4:40 Welcome Hilda!

6:06 Her personal health journey

8:24 Intro to Dr. Weston A. Price

10:49 A story from Dr. Price’s book

12:57 Indigenous cultures

14:43 Determining the best diet

15:06 “Dadirri” practice of deep listening

16:52 Food processing & Intuitive Eating

20:22 Stories from her trip to Kenya

22:51 Renee’s experience in Italy

23:55 Lauren’s blood sugar hypothesis

25:55 Seasonal eating

27:00 Today’s Sponsor: InsideTracker

28:22 The Principles of the Weston Price diet

31:35 “Plant-based” products

33:23 Her adventure in Peru

36:30 Sunshine & Shivers

39:23 “Catching Cold” & immune function

41:34 Congrats to our giveaway winner!

42:41 Her spiritual biohacking

44:56 Fertility & Pre-conception

47:17 The power of Bone Broth for detoxification

48:18 What pregnant women in China eat

49:06 Environmental toxins & EMFs

51:40 The power of positive thoughts

54:27 Her one piece of advice

56:26 Thanks for tuning in!



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Book: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

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PARLER & Telegram: @HolisticHilda




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