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82: At-Home Lab Testing with Base

Feb 22, 2021 | Season 4


Base offers at-home lab testing with a smart app to provide science-backed recommendations for your supplements, diet, and daily habits. This company wants to empower everyone to improve their sleep, stress, diet, and more with insights into their body’s data through blood and saliva testing. Lola Priego, the founder and CEO of Base, joins us to share her personal health journey, motivation behind starting Base, and why she feels a data-driven approach is needed to help those suffering with fatigue, brain fog and other health concerns.



1:21 Welcome to the show!

4:02 Lola’s Bio

4:45 Welcome Lola to the show

6:42 Her personal story

10:08 Why we get stuck on our health journey

12:08 Addressing the ‘conventional’ doctor visit

13:31 How Base is different

14:30 Human connection + Affordability + Personalization

18:05 Can we blame the U.S. healthcare system?

20:37 “Sicko” documentary

21:27 Sleep & melatonin issues

22:40 Overdosing melatonin

24:30 The importance of educating

25:54 Common health issues for Base users

26:56 Categorizing different health issues

27:26 Ad: The benefits of red light therapy!

30:26 Base testing options

33:35 Testing one marker vs all

34:42 Making small changes

36:09 You don’t have to be perfect!


38:09 Getting fast results

40:02 Using lifestyle interventions

40:39 Natural melatonin production

42:27 Renee’s “Cortisol Challenge”

43:59 Common beliefs about cortisol

46:27 The future of at-home lab testing

50:16 Her one piece of advice

51:41 Thanks for tuning in!



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Sicko Documentary

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