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84: Mental Health, Root Causes & Metabolic Health with Brendan Vermeire

Mar 8, 2021 | Season 4


Brendan Vermeire takes a deep dive on the stigma around mental health and how mental illness is a comorbidity, his concern with functional and conventional medicine, as well as his personal journey of overcoming ADHD and depression. Brendan is a Functional Medicine Consultant, Mental and Metabolic Health Researcher, Educator, Writer, and Speaker. He is a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Nutrition Coach, Master Personal Trainer, USAW Sports Performance Coach, and Crossfit Trainer.



1:21 Welcome to the show

3:40 Brendan’s Bio

5:06 Hello to Brendan!

7:41 His wild story into Functional Health

8:08 Navy Seal training

9:36 Diagnosis with ADHD & Depression

14:16 Functional Medicine industry

15:15 Story about failing his Chemistry exam

16:42 His battle with depression as a teen

19:30 His OD 7-Yr Anniversary

21:47 The stigma around mental health

22:56 Renee’s story about medication

23:52 The issue with destigmatization

28:15 Mental illness as a comorbidity

29:57 Explaining Yin-Yang

30:48 Psychosomatic work + root cause work

32:55 Renee’s “commorbidities”

33:27 Where to begin with clients?

34:05 Nicole LePera’s school of thought

35:12 Discussing our conventional health model

37:38 Everything is a spectrum

38:52 20-year gap with clinical practice & research

40:11 Monoclonal-Antibody drugs for depression

43:26 Pharmaceuticals in action

46:47 Discussing homeostasis


52:46 Microglial Cells 101

57:00 Mapping out root causes

59:00 Functional Fitness movement

1:02:21 Stereotypical bloodwork experience

1:03:28 Customizing & streamlining lab testing


1:06:06 The functional health obsession with stool testing

1:10:15 What should the microbiome look like?

1:15:40 Brendan’s basic roadmap for coaching

1:18:43 Vagal toning vs just getting back to nature

1:19:15 Emotional constipation!

1:20:14 Advice from Renee’s cats & Lauren’s dog

1:21:02 “Returning to Symbiosis” & Zach Bush

1:23:48 His one piece of advice

1:25:14 Thanks for tuning in!



Website: Metabolic Solutions

IG: Holistic Savage

Facebook: Brendan Vermeire

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