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91: Is Your Gut Microbiome the Missing Link to Blood Sugar Control? | Upgrade Your Gut Health

Apr 27, 2021 | Season 4


Today we talk to Colleen Cutcliffe, PhD, who is the co-founder and CEO of Pendulum Glucose Control, a probiotic product. We dive deep into the correlation between your gut microbiome and blood glucose levels, discussing the positive and negative effects of antibiotics on your body and especially the bodies of children. The effects the microbiome has on the mind and various diseases was obscure to all of us until recently research on this is showing more and more the link between these issues.


Interview 3:30

How much do antibiotics affect microbiomes? 7:00

Is it possible to restore biome ecology? Why are children more vulnerable? 8:18

How much do C-sections affect human development? 11:20

What we know and don’t know 14:04

How Colleen is discovering the links between the gut and disease 18:22

Twin study on the microbiome and diabetes 21:36

What makes Pendulum different 25:52

Producing butyrate 33:25

Testing and what they’ve found 37:01

Should anyone not be taking Pendulum? 47:27

Prebiotics 52:15

Colleen’s advice to help your health 59:29


“The question we should all be asking our doctors is, ‘Do I really need to be taking this antibiotic? What can I do to help ensure that these other negative repercussions are things that I can counteract? How do I do that?’ And so I think it’s just being a little bit more cautious and aware of what those antibiotics are doing to us.” 8:00


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Linkedin: Pendulum Therapeutics

LinkedIn: Colleen Cutcliffe




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