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94: The ENERGY Formula with Shawn Wells l Biohack Your Health

May 18, 2021 | Season 4


Our guest Shawn Wells just released his new book, The ENERGY Formula! In this episode we talk with our friend, Shawn Wells, the world’s leading nutritional biochemist and expert on health optimization. He has formulated over 500 supplements, food, beverages, and cosmeceuticals, and patented 10 novel ingredients including teacrine, dynamine, and dihydroberberine, and is now known as “The Ingredientologist”, the scientist of ingredients. We discuss Shawn’s ENERGY formula, our favorite parts of the book, how to build resilience in today’s world, and the incredible importance of building a strong community or tribe around you.


About Shawn 2:37

His book 6:33

Dealing with depression 13:30

Heart Rate Variability 22:09

Immuno resilience 25:12

What kept Shawn going after being knocked down 37:39

Advice for someone dealing with orthorexia 43:22

Interesting exercise fact 52:49

Biohactivism 62:04

Final piece of advice about mouth breathing 66:29


“If your immune system’s tanked, you’re immunocompromised, no you shouldn’t be doing these things. You should be thoughtful about them, but if your immune system’s in a good spot, you do want to challenge it so it becomes stronger.”



Get the book: The ENERGY Formula

Instagram: @ShawnWells






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